• Found at depths of 1,000m, off the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, the Giant Deep Sea Isopod can grow up to 400mm, the biggest of Deep Sea Isopods. It feeds on a diet of carcasses like dead whales, fish and squid in the ocean depths. It may also feed on slow-moving live prey like sea cucumbers.

  • The 80– 120mm long Deep Sea Isopod can be found in most oceans. These close relatives of shrimps and crabs have evolved powerful and complex mouthparts that can shred and disembowel the dead marine animals they feed on. Mature female isopods brood fertilized eggs in brood pouches or marsupia on their bellies till the young isopods emerge from their mothers' bellies.

  • Found in the Indo-West Pacific and waters off Japan, Indonesia and Australia, in depths of 30 to 250m. Their bodies are covered by large, strong immovable scales which offer the fishes protection. Luminous bacteria, which live in two light organs under the fish lower jaw, produce varying luminescence that attract tiny zooplankton which the fish feed.

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